Bilden Sie in diesen 3-tägigen themenspezifischen Kursen Ihr Wissen über Herdenmanagement & Ihre Führungsqualitäten weiter. Immer mit dem Fokus auf progressives, erfolgreiches Milchviehmanagement. Die Kurse finden auf Englisch statt.

The Alta DAIRY MANAGER SCHOOL gives you the unique opportunity to learn from dairy industry and academic experts and discuss the specific topics you need to understand in order to achieve maximum profitability on your dairy.

The small class sizes allow for ideal interaction and engagement. A combination of classroom sessions and on-farm learning allow you to dig deep into each topic and ask the questions that pertain most to your farm’s situation.

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Current and potential future topics include:

  • Reproductive management
  • Dairy decision making & economics
  • Leadership, labor organization & management
  • Replacement heifer development
  • Cow housing & cow comfort
  • Nutritional issues & solutions
  • Udder health, milk quality & parlor management
  • Genetics, genomics & genetic planning

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Alta also offers the intense 5-Day AltaU training course, covering all topics related to progressive dairy herd management. Learn more about AltaU HERE.

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